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TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic ProgrammeMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Clinical LectureshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Senior Clinical LectureshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research FellowshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Post-doctoral Research FellowshipDecember
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Doctoral Research FellowshipJanuary
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship ProgrammeSeptember
RfPBCommissionedCompetition 3222/03/2017
PDGCommissionedCompetition 1823/03/2017
PGfARCommissionedCompetition 2329/03/2017
PHRResearcher-led16/131 - Public Health Research Programme Researcher-led call04/04/2017
PHRResearcher-led16/132 - Public Health Research Programme researcher-led call (evidence synthesis)04/04/2017
i4iCommissionedNIHR i4i Challenge Award - Mental Health 201705/04/2017
HTAResearcher-led16/167 - Researcher-led, Expression of Interest to Full05/04/2017
HTAResearcher-led16/166 - Researcher-led, Evidence Synthesis Full 05/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/147 - Pharmacological management of post-traumatic seizures 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/148 - Treatments for women with recurrent stress urinary incontinence after failed primary surgery 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/149 - Delivering babies in or out of water 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/150 - Long term impact of pre-incision antibiotics on babies born by caesarean section 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/151 - Rescue cerclage 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/152 - Selective gut decontamination in critically ill children 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/153 - Harm reduction intervention for severe drug and/or alcohol dependence among people who are homeless 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/154 - Pramipexole for treatment resistant bipolar depression 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/155 - Problem solving therapy for depression in older adults with dementia 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/156 - Improving communication for adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/157 - Clozapine in the treatment of borderline personality disorder 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/158 - Reducing the risk of anxiety disorders in children of parents seeking help for their own anxiety 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/159 - A risk assessment tool to help identify prisoners at further risk of self-harm 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/160 - Knee braces in the management of knee osteoarthritis 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/161 - Partial removal of dental caries in permanent teeth 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/162 - Low-dose antidepressants for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome 06/04/2017
HTACommissioned16/165 - Modelling the potential for health gain and cost effectiveness of the NHS Health Check Programme 06/04/2017
HS&DRCommissioned 16/138 - Call for Expressions of Interest: Rapid Service Evaluation Research Team06/04/2017
PHRCommissioned16/121 - Healthy diet in early years 25/04/2017
PHRCommissioned16/122 - Interventions in community organisations25/04/2017
PHRCommissioned16/123 - Migrant health and wellbeing25/04/2017
PHRCommissioned16/124 - Age-friendly environments25/04/2017
HS&DRResearcher-led17/05 - Researcher-led (standard)27/04/2017
HS&DRResearcher-led17/06 - Researcher-led (Evidence Synthesis)27/04/2017
HS&DRCommissioned17/08 - Work force and skill mix in GP primary care services11/05/2017
HS&DRCommissioned17/09 - Services to support early intervention and self-care for children and young people referred to Children and Young People's Mental Health Services/CAMHS11/05/2017
HTACommissioned16/163 - Microbiological sampling and treatment for infection complicating diabetic foot ulceration01/06/2017
HTACommissioned16/164 - Unscheduled Bleeding in Women Using Long Acting Reversible Contraception 01/06/2017
HTACommissioned16/86 - Non-pharmacological interventions to treat visuoperceptual disorders following stroke01/06/2017
i4iCommissioned14th Call for i4i Product Development Awards07/06/2017
EMEResearcher-led17/11 - Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme Researcher-led call04/07/2017
PDGCommissionedCompetition 1919/07/2017
PGfARCommissionedCompetition 2426/07/2017
PHRCommissioned17/01 - Interpersonal violence and abusive relationships in children and young people01/08/2017
PHRCommissioned17/02 - Health and wellbeing for older employees in the workplace01/08/2017
PHRCommissioned17/03 - Better oral health01/08/2017
PHRCommissioned17/04 - Public mental health01/08/2017
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)
Invention for Innovation (i4i)
Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR)
Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Programme Development Grants (PDG)
Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR)
Public Health Research (PHR)
Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
Trainees Coordinating Centre
NIHR Themed Calls

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