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TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic ProgrammeMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Clinical LectureshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Senior Clinical LectureshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research FellowshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Post-doctoral Research FellowshipDecember
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Doctoral Research FellowshipJanuary
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship ProgrammeSeptember
HS&DRCommissioned17/51 - Gender identity health services14/09/2017
HS&DRCommissioned17/52 - Research on interventions to support service guideline implementation and the adoption of new models of care at scale14/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/31 - A refined prognostic tool to better identify individuals at high risk of developing psychosis28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/32 - Variceal bleeding in people with small oesophageal varices28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/33 - Management of diarrhoea in patients with stable ulcerative colitis28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/34 - Opioids for the treatment of breathlessness in palliative care28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/65 - Dequalinium chloride as first-line treatment for bacterial vaginosis28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/66 - Short-term use of benzodiazepines for the acute management of acute low back pain28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/67 - Primary antibiotic prophylaxis for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhosis28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/68 - Androgen replacement therapy in symptomatic men with low testosterone28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/69 - Safely and Effectively Stopping Medications in Older People with multimorbidity and polypharmacy28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/70 - Cost-effectiveness of earlier provision of powered wheelchair interventions for children with mobility limitations28/09/2017
HTACommissioned16/96 - Standardised diagnostic assessment tool as an adjunct to clinical practice in child and adolescent mental health services28/09/2017
HTACommissioned16/97 - Antipsychotics for anorexia nervosa28/09/2017
PHRCommissioned17/53 - Changing drinking behaviours14/11/2017
PHRCommissioned17/55 - Promoting independence in older people14/11/2017
PHRCommissioned17/54 - Digital interventions for sexual health promotion14/11/2017
PHRResearcher-led17/92 - Public Health Research Programme researcher-led21/11/2017
PHRResearcher-led17/91 - Public Health Research Programme researcher-led (evidence synthesis)21/11/2017
RfPBCommissionedResearch for Patient Benefit Programme - Competition 3422/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/24 - Topiramate for post-traumatic stress disorder23/11/2017
EMEResearcher-led17/60 - Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme Researcher-led28/11/2017
EMECommissioned17/57 - Hyperkinetic movement disorders28/11/2017
EMECommissioned17/58 - Treatments for male subfertility28/11/2017
EMECommissioned17/59 - Virtual and augmented reality technologies for treating psychological disorders28/11/2017
EMECommissioned17/61 - Mechanisms of action of health interventions28/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/71 - Treatment of new onset atrial fibrillation in the ICU30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/72 - Treatment of steroid-resistant ulcerative colitis30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/73 - Early reoperation for patients with residual glioblastoma30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/74 - Early vs late cranial reconstruction (cranioplasty) in patients who have undergone a supratentorial decompressive craniectomy30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/75 - Management of an impacted fetal head during emergency caesarean section30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/70 - Cost-effectiveness of earlier provision of powered wheelchair interventions for children with mobility limitations30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/76 - Home-blended food for children with gastrostomy tubes30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/77 - Clozapine for children and young people with treatment resistant schizophrenia30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/78 - Physical exercise for depression in adolescents30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/79 - Trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder in schizophrenia30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/80 - Psychosocial intervention to address the mental health needs of parents/carers of children newly diagnosed with autism30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/81 - Recurrent intra-articular corticosteroid injections in osteoarthritis30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/82 - Treatment to target in gout30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/83 - Biological response modifier drugs for rare autoimmune diseases30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/84 - Whole slide imaging in pathology30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/85 - Follow up of quiescent neovascular age-related macular degeneration30/11/2017
HTACommissioned17/86 - The clinical and cost effectiveness of screening for Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in pregnancy30/11/2017
PHRCommissionedLarge scale public health studies01/01/2018
HS&DRResearcher-led17/99 - Health Services & Delivery Research Researcher-led standard11/01/2018
HS&DRResearcher-led17/100 - Health Services and Delivery Research Programme researcher-led (evidence synthesis)11/01/2018
HTACommissioned17/87 - Proton pump inhibitor therapy for refractory gastro-oesophageal reflux symptoms25/01/2018
HTACommissioned17/88 - Fluid resuscitation regimens for burn injuries25/01/2018
HTACommissioned17/89 - Interventions for babies born late preterm and early term25/01/2018
HTACommissioned17/96 - Benzodiazepines for treatment resistant panic disorder25/01/2018
HTACommissioned17/98 - Management of hidradenitis suppurativa25/01/2018
HTACommissioned17/95 - Treatments for women with recurrent stress urinary incontinence after failed primary surgery25/01/2018
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)
Invention for Innovation (i4i)
Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR)
Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Programme Development Grants (PDG)
Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR)
Public Health Research (PHR)
Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
Trainees Coordinating Centre
NIHR Themed Calls

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