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TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic ProgrammeMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Clinical LectureshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Senior Clinical LectureshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledHEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research FellowshipMay
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Post-doctoral Research FellowshipDecember
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Doctoral Research FellowshipJanuary
TCCResearcher-ledNIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship ProgrammeSeptember
i4iCommissioned14th Call for i4i Product Development Awards07/06/2017
EMEResearcher-led17/11 - Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme Researcher-led call04/07/2017
EMECommissioned17/37 - Interventions to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease04/07/2017
EMECommissioned17/39 - Intraoperative imaging for oncological surgery04/07/2017
EMECommissioned17/35 - Mechanisms of action of health interventions04/07/2017
EMECommissioned17/38 - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease04/07/2017
RfPBCommissionedCompetition 3319/07/2017
PDGCommissionedCompetition 1919/07/2017
PHRResearcher-led17/44 - Public Health Research Programme researcher-led25/07/2017
PHRResearcher-led17/43 - Public Health Research Programme researcher-led (evidence synthesis)25/07/2017
PGfARCommissionedCompetition 2426/07/2017
PHRCommissioned17/01 - Interpersonal violence and abusive relationships in children and young people01/08/2017
PHRCommissioned17/02 - Health and wellbeing for older employees in the workplace01/08/2017
PHRCommissioned17/03 - Better oral health01/08/2017
PHRCommissioned17/04 - Public mental health01/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/14 - Zoledronic acid to reduce fractures in patients with alcoholic liver disease03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/15 - Thrombolysis in submassive pulmonary embolism03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/16 - A national pre-hospital major trauma triage tool/process03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/17 - Management strategies for pilonidal disease03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/18 - Treatment of children with medial epicondyle fractures03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/19 - First trimester detailed ultrasound scan for the earlier detection of fetal anomalies03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/20 - Improving continence in children and young people with neurodisability03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/21 - Early mobilisation/ rehabilitation in paediatric critical care 03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/22 - Mode of delivery for preterm infants03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/23 - Treatment of torus fractures03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/24 - Topiramate for posttraumatic stress disorder03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/25 - Cognitive behavioural therapy-based treatment for adults with intellectual disability and harmful sexual behaviours03/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/41 - HTA Researcher-led call evidence synthesis09/08/2017
HTACommissioned17/42 – HTA Researcher-led call primary research09/08/2017
HS&DRResearcher-led17/45 - Health Services and Delivery Research Programme researcher-led (evidence synthesis)07/09/2017
HS&DRResearcher-led17/49 - Health Services & Delivery Research Researcher-led standard call07/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/31 - A refined prognostic tool to better identify individuals at high risk of developing psychosis28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/32 - Variceal bleeding in people with small oesophageal varices28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/33 - Management of diarrhoea in patients with stable ulcerative colitis28/09/2017
HTACommissioned17/34 - Opioids for the treatment of breathlessness in palliative care28/09/2017
PHRCommissioned17/53 - Changing drinking behaviours14/11/2017
PHRCommissioned17/55 - Promoting independence in older people14/11/2017
PHRCommissioned17/54 - Digital interventions for sexual health promotion14/11/2017
PHRCommissionedLarge scale public health studies01/01/2018
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)
Invention for Innovation (i4i)
Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR)
Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Programme Development Grants (PDG)
Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR)
Public Health Research (PHR)
Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
Trainees Coordinating Centre
NIHR Themed Calls

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