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NIHR training and career development – Research Design Service Yorkshire and Humber

NIHR training and career development

NIHR training and career development

Contact us if you are interested in finding out if you are eligible or want to apply for an NIHR Fellowship.  We can advise you on the different research training and fellowship schemes offered by the NIHR and other national peer-reviewed schemes such as the Medical Research Council (MRC) and Wellcome.

Advice on applying for an NIHR Fellowship

We focus our advice for people applying for an NIIHR fellowship into five areas that link to the:

  • person: relevant expertise and experience
  • project: is it worthwhile, coherent, detailed
  • place: is the host the most appropriate place
  • training: tailored to the needs of the individual applicant
  • supervision: accessible and relevant

We are not able to provide supervision or mentorship. However we encourage you to invite your supervisors along to some of your early meetings with RDS advisers to make sure that you get consistent advice.

We can help you to look at all aspects of your research, including contributing to mock interviews with our public involvement forum, if necessary. We will also signpost you to relevant local and national NIHR organisations.

View our video for further information on applying for an NIHR Fellowship and find out about our workshops and seminars.

NIHR Academy offers training awards to researchers whose work focuses on people and patient-based applied health research.

“The RDS were one of the largest reasons my award was successful on first application.  They worked so hard with me to develop a strong and coherent application, that really met the grant brief.  In the early stages, they were able to steer the project and ensure I had the right people involved.  They gave me a task list of things I needed to do to strengthen the application.  The RDS also have a small PPIE grant which I applied for and was able to undertake a PPIE event, which led to the development of a strong PPIE section in the grant application.  They brought in methodology experts to scrutinise and improve my methods, and also provided coaching on how I could sell myself as someone who would be a great candidate for a fellowship.  From start to finish they were excellent, and a service I will use repeatedly throughout my research career. ”

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