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PHRADA Resources – Research Design Service Yorkshire and Humber

PHRADA Resources

PHRADA Resources

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Checklist from BAME toolkit
Empowering Meaningful Community Engagement and Involvement in Global Health Research: Critical Reflections and Guiding Questions
Improving inclusion of under-served groups in clinical research: Guidance from INCLUDE project
Health inequalities assessment toolkit
RDS EDI Toolkit
Toolkit for increasing participation of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Groups in health and social care research

Logic Models

Developing a Logic Model or Theory of Change
Hardeman Logic Models Seminar
The Logic Model: The Foundation to Implement, Study, and Refine Patient-Centered Medical Home Models
Community Toolbox: Developing a Logic Model or Theory of Change
Templates of Kellogg and Wisconsin models

Methodological approaches for PH research

AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 1 Examples
AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 2 Stepped wedge
AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 3 Two-stage design for confounding bias
AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 4 Eliminating meaurement bias (nurses_ health study)
AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 5 Causal inference in PH research
AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 6 Modelling ratios or differences
AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 7 Choice of effect measure
AJPH Evaluating PH Interventions 8 Causal inference - time invariant interventions
Place-based approaches for reducing health inequalities
McGill 2021 Evaluation of public health interventions from a complex systems
Public health economics: a systematic review of guidance for the economic evaluation of public health interventions and discussion of key methodological issues


A practical guide to being inclusive in public involvement in health research

Process evaluation

MRC PHSRN Process evaluation guidance final
MRC process evaluation guidelines
Process Evaluation Framework 2015 BMJ

PHR application process

PHR application process summary