What do we mean by Public Involvement in Research?

Patient and public involvement (PPI) in research means research which is done with and by patients and the public, rather than to, for or about them (Buckland et al, 2007). Involvement in research refers to an active partnership between researchers and patients and/or the public in the research process.

Continued involvement of patients and members of the public is a very important part of developing a successful grant application and is often a marker of quality research. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has stated in relation to funding that “Applications that are technically excellent but have little patient or public involvement may be asked to address this before an offer of funding is made”.

For full details of the importance of Patient Involvement in research see the PPI Handbook

How can we help?

Many researchers are unsure about how to incorporate patient involvement in their research (Telford, Beverley et al. 2002), but the Research Design Service for Yorkshire and Humber can help guide you through this process.  The RDS YH can offer you tailored advice about how to develop a research proposal that incorporates Patient Involvement good practice.



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