Would you be willing to provide feedback on your recent experience of being involved in the development of a research proposal?

If the answer is yes, we would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes answering the following questions.  The information that you provide will not be passed on to the researcher that involved you in the development of their research proposal.  We hope to use the information you provide to help researchers to improve how they involve other patients, service users and carers in the future.

Should you wish to provide them, your contact details will be stored on our contacts database and will not be distributed to anyone else. You may be contacted by us if we think you might be interested in further involvement opportunities in the future.

1. What was the name of the researcher who asked you to be involved?

2. Please describe briefly what you were asked to do by the researcher (for example, were you asked to comment on a summary of the research idea, a recruitment letter, an information sheet, or a questionnaire?)

3. Did the researcher tell you how they would use your input in their grant application? Please tick the appropriate box.


4. Do you know if your contribution has made a difference to the research?


5. Did you enjoy the experience of assisting the researcher with their research?


6. Can you let us know in what ways, if any, the researcher could have improved your experience?

7. Thinking about your experience, would you be willing to take part in similar activities in the future to help other researchers develop their ideas and their research proposals?


8. If you would be interested in finding out about other involvement opportunities in the future, please provide your name and contact details:

9. Please use this space to let us know if you have any particular area of interest (e.g. cancer, stroke, diabetes, mental health)


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