The Public Involvement Forum advises and supports public involvement in the work of Research Design Service Yorkshire and the Humber (RDS YH) .  We are a group of members of the public and health and social care professionals from across the region who all have an interest in public involvement in research.  To find out more about us view our biographies and our terms of reference.


What we do:

We build relationships, share ideas and work with others to support researchers in our region and nationally to develop NIHR research that:

  • reflects the diversity of our communities and provides an opportunity for everybody to get involved, take part or find out about research
  • is relevant to members of the public
  • adds value to research

How we make a difference:

  • reviewing applications for the RDS Public Involvement Fund
  • evaluating and co-authoring an article about our Public Involvement Fund
  • on the interview panels for new RDS staff
  • on the mock interview panels for researchers applying for NIHR Fellowship awards
  • interviewing RDS staff and researchers applying for NIHR Fellowship awards
  • developing our public involvement strategy
  • involvement in a systematic review and developing guidance for involving members of the public in interview panels
  • commenting on plain English summaries in research applications
  • as co-applicants on research projects
  • running workshops for researchers on public involvement in research
  • developing public involvement networks through NIHR Voices

Our networks:

Our work is strengthened locally and nationally by the networks and roles of members of the public involvement forum which includes involvement in the South Yorkshire Public Involvement Collaboration and NIHR Voices.


How to get involved:

If you are a member of the public or a community or voluntary organisation or group and you are interested in getting involved or finding out more about our work please fill in our contact form.  You might also be interested in NIHR Voices and our glossary explaining the meaning of research terms.

The NIHR leaflet ‘Getting involved in health research grant applications’ and the NIHR website have general information about getting involved in research.


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