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Public Involvement resources – Research Design Service Yorkshire and Humber

Public Involvement resources

Public Involvement resources

A list of the main guidelines and resources for researchers on involving members of the public in research can be found below.

Further information is available on the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) website which also has information for members of the public interested in getting involved in research.

General Guidance on public involvement

Public involvement in health and social care research: A Brief Guide on Public Involvement (NIHR RDS 2020)
UK Standards for Public Involvement: A UK-wide partnership developed a set of standards and indicators for public involvement in research. The aim of the standards is to improve the quality and consistency of public involvement in research.
Top tips for public involvement in research:
A short list of tips to help researchers facilitate meaningful public involvement in research (NIHR RDS YH)
Briefing notes for researchers
Guidance for researchers on how to involve members of the public in health and social care research (INVOLVE 2014)
Video - RDS YH Public Involvement Presentation 2021 Part 1 & Part 2
Video - Appropriate and meaningful public involvement in research

Payments and Reimbursement for public contributors

Resources on payment and reimbursement: with the latest updates on public involvement and welfare benefits payments and a cost calculator for budgeting for public involvement in research. (INVOLVE)
Benefits advice service for involvement: The NIHR in partnership with others supports a free, confidential service which offers personal advice and support on how payment of fees and expenses for public involvement might affect people in receipt of state benefits.(INVOLVE)

Writing in Plain English

NIHR ‘Make it Clear’ campaign with information, guidance and resources on writing in plain English.
South Yorkshire Strategic Local Priority Group Patient and Public Involvement Glossary of Research terms:
A list of commonly used research terms with a clear explanation of their meaning. (NIHR RDS YH)
Video - A good quality Plain English Summary.
Glossary of common research terms (jargon buster)

Guidance and tools on particular aspects of public involvement

Useful Resources for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) during ‘Covid 19’:
Working with Voices, YH NIHR and AHSN PPI leads we created this document containing useful resources, guidance and top tips on how to facilitate virtual public involvement and engagement during a pandemic, to support clients.
Guidance for involving members of the public in interview panels, committees and other panel membership:
This guidance has been produced for healthcare organisations and individuals in healthcare, that are contemplating having representation from members of the public on recruitment panels, committees, or other types of panels (such as audit panels, complaints panels, promotion panels). The guidance is also intended to be a useful resource for public individuals, if they are invited to become a public (or patient or lay) member of a panel or committee. (NIHR RDS YH 2016)
Virtual patient and public involvement - A guide to video calling
Involving children and young people in research: Top tips and essential key issues for researchers: Guidance for researchers developed with children and young people (INVOLVE 2016)
Public involvement in research and research ethics committee review: This statement has been developed by the Health Research Authority (HRA) and INVOLVE for researchers who will be submitting applications for ethical review to provide clarity and guidance on public involvement in research and the requirements of Research Ethics Committee (REC) review (May 2016).
Public co-applicants in research - guidance on roles and responsibilities:
In January 2019, new guidance from INVOLVE, the Health Research Authority (HRA) and the NHS Research and development forum was launched to help:
​- Researchers wanting to include a public co-applicant in a study
- Public contributors wanting to become a co-applicant
- Research staff who coordinate public involvement activities or advise on funding applications
- Those working in or with research organisations to review or process research applications.
EDI Toolkit - Resource developed to support researchers to better understand how to embed EDI in research design and to meet the NIHR’s EDI requirements. The toolkit includes a section on public involvement.
RDS YH Public Involvement Feedback Template:
This can be used to provide feedback to public members involved in your research and can be adapted to suit your project.

Finding public contributors and organisations

RDS Yorkshire and the Humber public involvement database:
Search our database to find contact details of health-related voluntary groups in the Yorkshire and the Humber region that are interested in working with clinicians and researchers to develop research proposals and grant applications.
invoDIRECT – a national online resource that is a directory of networks, groups and organisations that support public involvement in research
People in Research – with opportunities for members of the public to get involved in research.
Be Part of Research - Information for Researchers – Website to help people find out about health and social care research taking place in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Reports and Evidence

Going the Extra Mile: A strategic review of public involvement in the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR March 2015).
Public Involvement in Care Home Research Workshop Report:
A resource for researchers who are new to public involvement in care homes for older people and want to involve residents, their relatives and friends in developing or guiding their research. (NIHR RDS YH 2013)


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