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RDS YH Public Involvement Fund – Research Design Service Yorkshire and Humber

RDS YH Public Involvement Fund

RDS YH Public Involvement Fund

What is the Public Involvement Fund?

The Public Involvement Fund allows researchers from the Yorkshire and Humber region to apply for funding of up to £600 to enable them to involve members of the public in developing their research ideas and their grant application.  There are three calls a year. Find out about our current call.

How can these funds be used?

This fund can be used to provide public involvement for a specific project or to establish a new public involvement research advisory panel.

The funds can be used to:

  • cover the costs of setting up one or more meetings with a group of patients, carers, service users or the public (for example meeting room hire, refreshments).
  • reimburse the people involved for their time and travel expenses.

The RDS YH is keen to evaluate the experiences of the public who take part in involvement activities which we fund. So, we also expect to see a clear plan of how the applicant would evaluate the public involvement work that Public Involvement Fund award supported.

Researchers who receive funding are asked to complete a brief evaluation to describe how the award was used.

How to apply for the fund?

In order to apply for a Public Involvement Fund award, you must complete a short application form.

In order to maximise your chances of being successful please read our guidance notes and providing as much information as possible in your application form.

How are applications reviewed?

All applications are reviewed by RDS YH staff and by members of the RDS YH Public Involvement Forum. The Forum is a group of members of the public and health and social care professionals from across the Yorkshire and Humber region who all have an interest in public involvement in research. At least one lay member of the forum will review each application.

What happens if the deadline is missed? (Applications will be accepted on a fast track basis from 01-Mar-23 until 30-Apr-23)

The Public Involvement Fund runs three calls each year. In exceptional circumstances, which are outside of the applicants control, we may accept applications between calls. For example, when a commissioned call has a tight deadline.

These fast tracked applications will be reviewed by the RDS YH Public Involvement Lead and a minimum of one member of our Public Involvement Forum. If you would like to be considered for a fast tracked application please contact Holly Schofield (, Public Involvement Advisor in Leeds, to discuss further.

RDS YH Public Involvement Funding Award Process (click for larger image)