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Scoping Searches – Research Design Service Yorkshire and Humber

Scoping Searches

Information specialists are available with the RDS YH to aid researchers in identifying evidence to support their research proposals, and to identify research funding opportunities.

Scoping searches – providing evidence from research literature to support your proposal

What is a Scoping search?

Scoping searches are fairly brief searches of existing literature designed to help you gain an overview of the range and depth of research that exists for a particular research idea. It can cover published work and discover on-going studies.

Research proposals are shaped by the results of a scoping search for your research idea. Scoping searches are useful to:

  • Determine whether your research idea has already been explored or is currently being worked on elsewhere
  • Identify gaps in research and recommendations for the direction of future research
  • Help define the scope of your research and set limits to ensure you project will be feasible within a budget
  • Improve awareness of opportunities and difficulties you may encounter in researching your chosen area

In short it should ensure that your research complements and adds to existing research so that your proposal is not rejected for ‘re-inventing the wheel’.

Want help with your scoping search?

Information specialists can help researchers with their scoping search for a NIHR proposal. Please contact your local RDS office located in Leeds, Sheffield and York for help with developing and running your scoping search.