RDS will:

  • Promote research training award opportunities offered by NIHR and other national peer-reviewed schemes such as MRC and Wellcome
  • Encourage applications, particularly from NHS employed staff
  • Advise applicants of the remit and scope of the various fellowship schemes
  • Inform applicants, with input from TCC as required, about their suitability and eligibility for a fellowship
  • Advise applicants of the role of the RDS at the outset in supporting applications for research training awards
  • Invite supervisors to RDS advice meetings with applicants in order to avoid conflicting advice
  • Where necessary, recommend applicants consider the appropriateness (including accessibility) of a supervisory team or mentor selected from relevant fields
  • Ensure applicants communicate early with host organisations, Trusts, TCC etc.
  • Contribute to mock interviews, where required, in collaboration with host organisations

RDS will not:

  • Write the application
  • Provide supervision, mentorship or other forms of ongoing support should the application be successful
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