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York – Research Design Service Yorkshire and Humber


York advisers

Alison Booth
01904 321 107
Senior Research Fellow
Alison is a Senior Research Fellow in the York Trials Unit. Her research experience includes randomised controlled trials, systematic and scoping reviews, and other quantitative and qualitative research methods. As a research methodologist, Alison has worked on a range of topics, including mental health, orthopaedics, life limiting conditions and health service delivery. Alison has particular expertise in advising on research impact, including knowledge translation, developing dissemination strategies and writing for different audiences.
Karen Glerum
01904 326 617
PPI and Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Karen is the patient and public involvement and stakeholder engagement manager in the York Trials Unit. Her role within RDS YH is to advise researchers on engaging and involving members of the public in research design, to help ensure that studies will meet the needs of society. She is a member of the RDS YH Public Involvement Forum and reviews applications for the RDS YH Public Involvement fund. Her background is in journalism and communications.
Susan Griffin
01904 321 419
Professor of Health Economics
Susan is a Professor of Health Economics at the Centre for Health Economics, University of York. Susan’s role in the RDS is to advise on health economic aspects of research. She works in the field of economic evaluation and has extensive experience with NICE. Susan has worked on economic evaluations in wide range of disease areas including cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer and mental health. Susan has developed methods for economic evaluation in the field of public health, with a focus on analysis of health inequality. Her research interests include the use of decision-analytic models in cost-effectiveness analysis and the use of evidence synthesis techniques and value of information analysis.
Catherine Hewitt
01904 321 374
Professor of Trials and Statistics
Catherine is a Professor of Trials and Statistics and Co-Director of York Trials Unit. She has over 16 years’ experience of designing and analysing trials across a spectrum of health and social science topic areas. She is a member of the Cross-Whitehall trials advice panel, MS Society Expert Consortium on Progressive MS Trials and the Irish Health Research Board Definitive Intervention and Feasibility Awards Full Application review panel She is the Deputy Chair of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology Assessment Commissioning Board.
Sebastian Hinde
01904 321 455
Health Economist
Sebastian is a health economist based in the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York. Since joining the RDS in 2015 he has provided specialist advise alongside general guidance on a number of NIHR applications, primarily fellowship and RfPB applications. In addition to conducting numerous economic evaluations, both alongside and independent of clinical trials, Sebastian has conducted methodological research and has a special interest in decision making at a local level. Sebastian sits on two trial steering committees as well as being on the PSSRU Unit Cost working group.
Heather Leggett
01904 326387
Research Fellow
Heather is an applied health services researcher and RDS adviser in the York Trials Unit. She has mixed methods experience, but is predominately a qualitative researcher working on standalone qualitative projects, running qualitative studies alongside clinical trials and process evaluations. She has experience in oral health, orthopaedics, medical education and primary education.
Catriona McDaid
01904 321 371
Academic Lead
Catriona McDaid is Academic Lead at York.
She has a degree and Ph.D. in Psychology and an M.Sc. in Science Communication. Her research interests are focused around the evaluation of complex interventions, particularly in the field of surgery. She has experience in the design and delivery of multi-centre trials, feasibility studies, systematic reviews and mixed methods projects across a range of areas.
Prior to joining York Trials Unit in 2013 she was undertook health technology assessments for funders including NIHR, Department of Health Policy Research Programme and NICE. She is a member of funding panels (Programme Grants for Applied Research, Orthopaedic Research UK and NIHR Pre-doctoral fellowship) She is also a member of the NIHR HTA & EME Editorial Board.
Alex Mitchell
01904 321 756
Research Fellow and Statistician
Alex is a research fellow and RDS advisor based in York Trials Unit. He has experience providing statistical and methodological support in a range of areas, including smoking cessation, orthopaedic surgery and diagnostic accuracy studies.
Gerry Richardson
01904 321 439
Professor of Health Economics
Gerry is an RDS adviser based in York. He has been with the RDS for 10 years and has been involved in research for over 25 years. Gerry’s area of expertise is health economics and cost-effectiveness analysis, though he also has a broad understanding of quantitative techniques. He is currently a panel member on the Research for Patient Benefit (West Midlands) panel, a panel member of the Programme Grants for Applied Research and panel member of a Cancer Research UK funding stream.
Arabella Scantlebury
01904 321105
Assistant Professor
Bella is a methodologist and RDS advisor based in York Trials Unit. Bella’s area of expertise is qualitative methods, particularly when used to improve the design and conduct of Randomised Controlled Trials or when used as part of national mixed methods evaluations. Other areas of methodological expertise include: randomised controlled trials, evidence synthesis and mixed methods. Bella has conducted research across a range of health and social science topic areas (e.g. policing, education, fire and rescue service), but her main interest lies in orthopaedic surgery and health policy. Bella is a member of the National RDS, Equality, Diversion and Inclusion priority working group.
Puvan Tharmanathan
01904 321 844
RDS Manager
Puvan is the RDS manager for the York site within RDS Yorkshire and Humber. He is a Senior Research Fellow at York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences, University of York. He is a Pharmacist by first training, and completed his post-graduate with a focus on clinical trial methodology and evidence synthesis. He has an interest in optimising the use of pharmacological agents across a range of specialities, and has been involved in the design and delivery of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in surgery, musculoskeletal medicine, cancer and mental health. He has led on systematic reviews and completed methodological research related to the conduct of RCTs.
David Torgerson
01904 321 340
Director of the York Trials Unit
David Torgerson is Director of the York Trials Unit and contributes to the RDS with advice and support on trial design.
Jude Watson
01904 321 306
Senior Research Fellow
Jude is a Senior Research Fellow who offers generalist advice and support to researchers. She has been coordinating and managing large-scale randomised controlled trials in both primary and secondary care since 2002 and has worked on studies in a variety of areas including musculoskeletal, wound care, mental health and addiction fields. Jude has a background in Podiatry, health services research and has a PhD in recruitment issues in randomised controlled trials and has particular interest in study design, recruitment and methodological issues, especially of feasibility and pilot studies.